Sushi Mashiko Sushi Restaurant Culver City Sushi Restaurant Japanese Cuisine




Tuesday - Sunday

4:30pm - 9:00pm

Monday Closed

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Lunch Menu 11.30 am - 2:00pm

Bento Box (w/ Rice, Miso Soup & Salad)

1 Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura $14.75
2 Beef Teriyaki & Tempura $14.95
3 Salmon Teriyaki & Tempura $14.95
3a. Salmon Teriyaki with $14.95
4. Chicken Teriyaki with $14.75
5. Tempura with $14.95
6. Beef Teriyaki with $14.95
Choice of any 1 item: Sushi/sashimi/CA roll
  Sushi (tuna, white fish and shrimp)
Sashimi (5 pieces of tuna and white fish)
or 8 pieces of California roll
7 Beef Teriyaki Lunch $14.95
8 Chicken Teriyaki Lunch $14.75
9 Salmon Fish Teriyaki Lunch $14.95
10 Tempura Lunch $14.95

Sushi or Sashimi Lunch w/ Miso Soup

A. Chirashi Bowl
(tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, white fish, octopus mackerel, clam and egg on bowl of sushi rice)
B. Mix Maki Set (20 pc)
(tuna roll, cucumber roll & California roll)
C. Sashimi (11 pc) w/ rice
(tuna, whitefish, clam, mackerel & octopus)
D. Sushi Combintion
(tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, white fish, clam, octopus, & 6 pc cucumber roll)
E. Tuna Roll Set (18pc of tuna rolls)
F. Mix Veggie Set (16 pc)
(cucumber avocado & Vegetable rolls)


Whte Rice
Bowl of White Rice
Brown Rice
Bowl of Brown Rice
Miso Soup
with tofu, wakame seaweed and green onions.


Chuka Seaweed Salad
Sesame-oil marinated, clear seaweed strings
Cucumber Salad $5.95
Green Salad
Mixed Green Salad with House Dressing
Half Size Green Salad
Half Size Mixed Green Salad with House Dressing
Salmon Skin Salad
Grilled salmon skin shreds over lettuce, sprouts, smelt eggs; dressed with sesame oil, vinegar, ponzu sauce, and dried-bonito shavings.
Seafood Salad
Shreds of shrimp, crab, octopus & clam spread over lettuce also dressed with sesame oil, vinegar, ponzu sauce and smelt eggs.
Ebi-su (nonomo)
Shrimp (Ebi) topped Sunomono Salad
Sunonomo Salad
Cucumber strings, dark seaweed/Wakame, vinegar sauce.
Tako-su (nonomo)
Octopus (Tako) topped Sunomono Salad
Yami (Yummi) Salad
Cucumber, sprouts, smelt eggs in vineger dressing

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